The Three Stages of Transformation

by Jeffrey S. Deckman 23. May 2012 11:40
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How Small Changes in Employee Engagement Drives Big Changes to Your Bottom Line

by Jeffrey S. Deckman 29. February 2012 12:43
EE = EBITDA Transforming Human Capital into Financial Capital. Jeffrey S. Deckman, Founder, Capability Accelerators 02.14.12 EE = EBITDA is an obscure but interesting formula that, once I came to understand it, I realilzed uncovers an exciting new source of increased profits th... [More]

Is the Technology Bubble Going to Burst Us?

by Jeffrey S. Deckman 11. October 2011 22:34
This is a fascinating time to be alive and doing the work I get to do as a consultant where I focus upon trying to understand and then help my clients respond to emergent conditions. Never have we experienced so much uncertainty and calamity on such a grand scale.  And as far as what I see... [More]

The Real, and Only, Problem with Rhode Island's Economy

by Jeffrey S. Deckman 23. August 2011 10:42
The real, and only, problem with Rhode Island is that the dominant political culture of leadership that has pervaded the state since Roger Williams left his lively experiment is primitive.   Contrary to what many may think our problem is not the power of the Democrats and t... [More]

Lets Get Specific

by Jeffrey S. Deckman 13. February 2011 11:14
Let’s Get Specific!By Jeffrey S. Deckman, Founder of Capability Accelerators,  Creator of The Bigger Know Principles of Leadership training program. ( So, if you are like me I’m thinking you might be kinda tired of hearing about all of these ... [More]

Is Your Organization Designed Backwards?

by Jeffrey S. Deckman 17. November 2010 15:56
Is Your OrganizationDesigned Backwards?By Jeffrey S. DeckmanTwo of the most important and most challenging issues facing executives today are:1. How to get more productivity from people who are already overworked and “over-processed.”2. How to satisfy the demand of today’s wor... [More]

The Problem With Leadership

by Jeffrey S. Deckman 3. November 2010 18:40
We have a problem with leadership in business today. And that problem is that we are doing it all wrong. We are using the wrong model for leadership.We are in a historical place in the evolution of American business. We are transforming from an industrialized based economy to a knowledge economy. An... [More]


Why Small Business Owners MUST Become Politically Involved in 2010

by Jeffrey S. Deckman 21. December 2009 13:38
Page 1We Need to Take Matters Into Our Own HandsIts not enough to simply run your business anymore.11/18/09Jeffrey S. Deckman, Founder Capability Accelerators www.capabilityaccelerators.comPolicies drive economies.Politics drive policies.Politicians determine the politics.Elections determine the pol... [More]


Speech from Tax Day Tea Party, 4/15/09 Providence, R.I.

by Jeffrey S. Deckman 13. June 2009 19:48
This is a 5 minute speech I gave at the Providence, RI tea party rally on 05.15.09 [More]

We Are Not Just In A Recession.

by Jeffrey S. Deckman 19. January 2009 20:03
An Introduction to Knowledge Age Economy Thinking We Are Not Just In A Recession.  We Are In The Midst Of Something Much More Exciting! Introduction: This recession is going to be very deep, quite long and will go down in history as one that significantly changes how... [More]


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