CAPABILITY ACCELERATORS "Converting Capability into Profitability"
What is your Company's Capability?
The purpose behind Capability Accelerators is to find, engage, connect and help those who simply know there is a better and more profitable way to conduct business than the traditional methods suggest. We believe very strongly that in order to succeed in today's fast paced world we must accept some new ways of thinking and abandon some old ones.
We must also begin re-establishing some of the timeless and proven principles from the past that have always led to success. To that end we are committed to bringing such traits as treating people and ourselves with Authenticity, Integrity, Respect and Honor back into the workplace.

We are committed to teaching our clients how to achieve this blending of the new with the old without missing a beat in their everyday operations.

We are focused upon helping companies, organizations and individuals who are ready to learn, embrace and empower this new blend of thinking which will position them to prosper in the rapidly emerging Knowledge Economy with its new type of workforce.

To that end we have developed innovative leadership principles, systems and tools which are as effective as they are intuitive which will give any owner, executive or manager the ability to significantly increase moral, productivity and employee engagement by working less and empowering more.

We therefore seek like minded individuals at all levels of their careers who have both the curiosity & courage to grow and expand their knowledge, their consciousness and the capabilities of those around them for the pure joy and excitement of living lives and running healthier organizations that are highly resilient and achieve greater prosperity.

Simply put: We are bored with the traditional Dominance and Subservience business model that currently permeates the culture. That model is as ineffective as it is insulting to the people who have to operate within its limiting confines.

We are committed to increasing our clients' profits and decreasing their stress levels by helping them to create the workforce conditions that activate and focus the collective genius is exists in every organization.

Besides in today's environment everything is happening so fast and furious that none of us can afford to go it alone any longer.
It is just as simple and as magnificent as that. So have fun along the way. Or don't do it!

Jeffrey Deckman, Founder
Providence, RI • Gloucester, MA • 401-862-6454